Using WebEx APIs to Download Meeting/Training Recordings

Cisco Webex API

Not so long ago, Webex lacked a mechanism for recording management. Recently, Webex added this feature to their website, allowing users to manage the training or meeting recordings appropriately. This feature is a crucial addition that helps users to archive and control their bulk recordings. All you need to do is go to the 'Recording Management' section to start managing your recordings.

Webex Recording Management

For the purposes of this post, we will focus on the APIs involved during the Webex interaction and downloading your files. So, let’s begin with the basics, shall we?

Requesting Authentication

Security is a critical factor in everything you do, whether offline or online, and Webex XML APIs are not an exemption. As a security strategy, Webex trainings XML API requires the user to authenticate themselves before using it. Admin and web hosts accounts come with a username often referred to as the user's Webex ID. It supports conventional Oath 2.0 and username-password authentication strategies.

Once you log into your account, check your Webex security details (Webex ID) by clicking the ‘Site Information’ section as shown below:

Webex Recording Management

Interacting with various Webex APIs can be confusing, especially for a beginner. That’s why we bring you a list of various API calls you can use to get things done on Webex, including downloading your file recordings. Here are some Webex API calls used by Webex users to perform various activities on the site, along with their uses:

  • GetRecordingInfo : This API call enables the user to recover information regarding a specific recording.

  • LstRecording : This API generates a whole list of Webex recordings within a specified period. As the site admin, you can return the Webex recording data for all registered users on the website.

  • DelRecording : – This API allows users to permanently delete Network-Based Recordings (NBRs).

  • SetUser : Like any other website, Webex’s site administrators can update information about a specific user upon their request. For instance, if a user forgets their account details, the site administrator uses the SetUser API to alter and unlock the account.

  • GetUser : This API call is used to retrieve comprehensive information regarding a specific user.

  • GetNBRStorageFile : this is the main API used for downloading file recordings. It’s separated from the other APIs as it is located under the NBR services API. You will find it under the Webex API functions section.

  • So, by calling the GetNBRStorageFile API, you will down your desired Network-Based file recording.

    Since the Webex platform’s API is currently based on Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), you must pass it through XML. That said, the GetNBRStorageFile API call will have a multipart response body, consisting of three sections; the file with name and size details, the binary file recording, and the XML response.

    Alternative ways of downloading meeting recordings

    1. 1. Using this PHP package to download your Webex file recording.
    2. 2. Using the Riverline Multipart Parser package to download your recording.

    Closing thought

    Downloading your Webex training/meeting recordings should no longer be an intimidating task. Instead, use the list of provided APIs or the alternative approaches to downloading your files on PC. Say goodbye to long and complex downloading processes!