How to Schedule Training on Webex

Cisco Webex Training

Are you new or struggling with scheduling Webex training sessions? If yes, you might be missing out on a great chance to deliver interactive live online training. However, planning Cisco Webex Training sessions should no longer be a daunting task. Here is what you should know about scheduling Webex Training sessions.

Why do you need to schedule your Cisco Webex Training sessions?

We often have tight schedules that make us forget about some things. By scheduling Webex training in advance, you can set the date, time, and other parameters, ensuring that you won’t forget or miss out on the session.

Now that you’ve known the reason why scheduling your Webex training is vital, it’s time to learn how to go about it.

Steps to follow when scheduling Webex Training sessions.

Here is a guide to help you schedule your Webex Training session:

  1. 1. Log in to the Cisco Webex Training Website.
  2. 2. Click on the ‘Host a Session’ tab, then ‘Schedule Training.’
  3. 3. Once the schedule meeting page opens, you will see multiple parameters to fill in before being allowed to schedule your session.
  4. 4. At least, you need to complete three sections: ‘session and access information,’ ‘audio conference settings,’ and ‘time and date’ sections.

What you need to do in every section

Access and session information Section

This section allows you to set up the training session’s topic, password, and payment. Note that if you opt to charge your sessions’ attendees, you must enable the attendee registration.

This part also allows you to set whether your session will involve over 500 attendees. If you activate this option, your meeting won’t support various features, including:

  1. 1. The multipoint private chat, video, and visual cues features are unavailable.
  2. 2. Participants cannot send tapes or view the names of other participants.
  3. 3. Each Hand-on Lab Computer and breakout session only supports up to 100 participants.

Schedule Training Session

Audio conference settings

This section allows you to set your audio preferences, including exit and entry tone and conference type. Besides, you can choose whether to display call-in numbers or not. Furthermore, you can mute the participants upon entry to the session.

Schedule Training Session

Date and time

This section enables you to set the starting time and date, including the time zone for your Webex Training session. What’s good about it is that you can select when the participants can join the session and the frequency of the sessions on the occurrence subsection. Therefore, you won’t have to repeat the scheduling every time to have a meeting with your attendees.

You have multiple options, including single-session and recurring single-session classes, irregular sessions, or multi-session courses. Select the option that suits your individual needs. Finally, you can set the estimated duration for your Webex Training session.

Schedule Training Session

Things you should know when scheduling Cisco Webex Training sessions

Security is of great significance when it comes to communication. The Cisco Webex Training module offers secure learning sessions by letting you set the policies for sharing and accessing the training. Besides, it comes with simplified features like registration reporting and management and automatic scheduling, easing various learner management tasks.

  1. 1. You will be unable to upload course materials that exceed 200MB.
  2. 2. You cannot upload files with an executable format as your course material. Those file types include .bat, .exe, .sh and .msi.
  3. 3. Always ensure that your files type is supported to avoid inconveniences.

Final thought

Don’t let your tight schedule delay your Cisco Webex Training session. Use the ‘schedule Training’ feature to plan for the session in advance and avoid any inconveniences. Failure to schedule your Webex Training sessions should no longer be a setback to enjoying the best services it offers. Try out our recipe.