About Us

Traditionally, people used the WebEx player to convert their ARF files into more platform-friendly formats like MP4. However, this approach has had its shortcomings because one can convert only one file at a time. Besides, it is a time-consuming approach because its conversion speed is also slow. With the increasing demand for media file formats that can play on various platforms, ARF files have become a challenge to convert because they can only play on the WebEx player.

Since more people are owning android and iOS devices such as phones and tablets, they need to access the file recordings, regardless of their formats, at any time and play them conveniently using their devices’ inbuilt media players. Besides, people are busier than ever, trying to make their ends meet. Therefore, they don’t have enough time to wait for hours converting their ARF files into MP4, one at a time. As a result, they need a one-time solution that supports multiple file uploading for conversion purposes as they focus on other essential duties.

Having that in mind, our team of experts designed a new solution to solve problems associated with conventional approaches to converting ARF files to MP4. The ARFTOMP4 is a cloud-based solution that enables you to convert ARF files to MP4 format smoothly, at a small fee.

We are an agency that values transparency, flexibility and simplicity in pricing our services. We offer our customers a free welcome gift worth 500 points, which they can use to test our services for trust purposes. Don’t fall for scams or let other platforms overcharge you to convert an ARF file to MP4 format! Try ARFTOMP4. You can check out our rates on the pricing tab for more details.

With nearly everything moving online, there has been a significant increase in the production of ARF file recordings. As a result, our team designed an approach to enable customers to convert their files online, regardless of the type of devices they are using. Therefore, you can use any media player since your ARF files will be converted online. Thereafter, you will download and play them using typical media players like VLC.

We value data security because we understand that in the cloud, there are many security vulnerabilities. As ARFTOMP4, we use AWS cloud infrastructure to beef up our users’ data security while boosting performance. Currently, our services are 90 times faster and efficient than the traditional ARF to MP4 conversion solutions. Therefore, our customers can use their converted MP4 files whenever they want them.

Our long-term goal is to keep improving our services to ensure that our systems stay up throughout the year. Besides, we believe that the ARF to MP4 conversion speed will improve overtime as new technological solutions emerge. We want to be part of that revolution. Register with us for a chance to join thousands of our satisfied customers.